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*Bitchin' smug emoticon Tom, super approve.*

Good evening one and all.

Over the course of the last few months, I've been plagued with musical writers block. Every time I sat down in front of the computer, the best I could amass was a 30 (at best) second loop.

At the time, I figured it must've been a lack of diversity in my musical knowledge - so then I tried to tackle Dubstep and too have done mediocre, at best.

So I took a step back completely from music and thought; "Well, when did I last have fun working on music?" - and realized it was when I was just starting out, thinking of small, conclusive melodies that could embody an action, emotion, etc. - or, more commonly known as "themes".

So, epiphany after epiphany later I decided I'm going to have fun again, and hopefully benefit the NG community as well.

My plan is to upload series of sound effects and mini themes, label the mp3 to the appropriate action in game/movie (think emotion, setting, or any other descriptive words your clever noodles can come up with), and create quick and easy News Posts reflecting popular trends, ideas, and themes so you can find what you're looking for quickly.

Which means for animators and game designers (or whatever they're called) they can simply search a vague description (perhaps in a single word) and find some of my audio for a quick fit, or for shorter clips - (I would too like to note that should you be interested in the set, I may be available to score further upon request).

Additionally, for other audio artists, the recommended section will include a plethora of related audio, opening up a larger audience to a smaller and more-likely well received crowd. Essentially, my goal is to divide fans of said genres or sounds and pair them with artists they may like.

My current goal is to do 3 uploads per business week (with the odd inspirational upload on Saturday and Sunday) the validity of this is open to argument. In the beginning, each upload will end with an asterisk like this *(?), of which will hopefully trend back to this page, where people can see the purpose of this account and not flame my ass for small uploads.

Anyway, wish me luck - and let's have some fun ladies n' gents.